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Maybe Looking Forward The Release Of Dragon Slayer II

mmogo2018 28 Май, 2018 20:46 RSgoldfast Постоянная ссылка Трекбэки (0)
OSRS Ava’s Assembler & Vorkath Pet All Runescape players maybe looking forward the release of Dragon Slayer II on Jan 4th. Today rsgoldfast share more reward you can get from Dragon Slayer II.After Dragon Slayer II is complete, you will be able to fight solo bosses Vorkath, OSRS(RSGOLDFAST) Vorkath's head and Vorki pets. In addition,Ava's Assembler will be the new BiS cape slot for ranged as a reward from Dragon Slayer II. OSRS Ava’s Assembler- BiS cape slot for ranged as a rewardOSRS Ava’s Assembler to get a new slot in Ava's assembler, you have to complete Dragon Slayer II's mission and then beat new senior boss Vorkath, which will rarely fall. After that, you will need to bring 75 Mithril Arrows and an Ava’s Accumulator to Ava. The new Assembler needs a long-range 70 gear and can also be combined with the largest cloak. One more need to notice, keep in mind that head and Assemblers are not interchangeable.you need to bring the head, 75 Mithril arrows and an Ava’s Accumulator to Ava. The new Assembler requires Ranged 70 to equip and can also be merged with a max cape. However just remember the head as well as the assembler will be both untradeable. Ava's Assembler DesignWhen OSRS Ava's Assembler design was revealed, some players thought it looked decent while others questioned its color. What do you think of this?OSRS Vorkath PetAfter defeat OSRS Vorkath, you may also get the rare Vorki pet, which is designed according to the new boss.Best place to buy rs gold is rsgoldfast Besides, pets are not exchangeable.Now you just wait for the release of Dragon Slayer II and Vorkath on January 4. Then you'll have the chance to get Ava's Assembler or Waukey Pet.Finally, remember to buy cheap runescape goldon our site rsgoldfast, more FREE RS gold is waiting for you!

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